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Horary Astrology Summer Intensive Syllabus

Diploma Program FAQs

Oraculos School of Astrology is an online school equipped with a complete virtual library, student portal, and online community. All classes are conducted live on Zoom.

Students in our professional diploma programs are strongly encouraged to make as many live class sessions as possible. Nevertheless, all registered students have access to video recordings of their classes via the OSA student portal.

We offer a range of payment possibilities for students who need to pay in installments. We do not offer scholarships of any form at this time.

The majority of OSA programs are facilitated on the weekend. Many of our students have full-time jobs in which they work during the week. Classes are usually two-hours long on both Saturday and Sunday. Our schedule was designed in this way to give student more possibilities to participate.

We want to make excellent astrological education available for everyone. If you cannot join our diploma program, you can start studying with us right away through our library of Mychal’s Masterclasses. You can also join us for any of our public immersions and continuing education opportunities. Follow this link to explore other ways to study at OSA.

Yes. We divide our year at OSA based on a completion of the content assigned for that part of the program. The first “year” contains four 14-week semesters. The second year also contains four 14-week semesters. Including midterm breaks and holidays, the full Professional Astrologer’s Diploma Program can be completed in approximately 2.5 years. Students have the freedom to continue in as much of the diploma program as they like and are not bound financially in any way to complete the entire program. However, only students who complete the entire program are eligible for receiving the OSA Professional Astrologer’s Diploma. Also, if students only want to take sections of the program, it has to be done in sequence. This means that a student who has only taken the first semester of the program only has the option of taking the second semester of the program, whereas a student who has taken the fourth semester of the program can rejoin any of the previous courses they have already taken, but not higher level courses.