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Concrete, Event-Based Astrology.

At Oraculos School of Astrology, our mission is to provide excellence in concrete, event-based astrology education and to make it universally available. The community at OSA is dedicated to astrological study, practice, and research, ensuring that our school and our programs remain in a state of constant evolution. At Oraculos, you will become a part of a fellowship of astrological practitioners who are all committed to attaining excellence within this field.

All of our programs are designed in such a way whereas at the end of each semester, students would have attained a fully developed skillset that they can apply within their professional practice. Our professional programs span all the branches of traditional astrology, medical astrology, Uranian Astrology, Cosmobiology, Astro-Cartography, and prediction. We also offer specialized programs in astrology-based systems of divination such as the Qabalistic Tarot, Oneiromancy (dream interpretation), and Geomancy.

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