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Horary Astrology & The Natal Promise: A Concrete Guide to Astral Divination


Paperback | 7 x 10 | 607 pages | Oraculos Press

From the Foreword

With this book, Mychal invites the reader to delve deeply into the craft of horary as it was originally conceived and practiced in its highest form. He offers clear and systematic guidance (which he encapsulates in his “Rubrics”), born from his profound study and real-world practice. For the novice, this book provides a comprehensive foundation for learning horary astrology according to its elegant first principles. For those already steeped in horary, Mychal’s penetrating analysis and unique insights, based on his extensive experience interpreting charts, are sure to enrich and refine their understanding.

Having personally studied the works of the horary sages of the ages, I can think of only a handful of young astrologers today who would be as well-equipped as Mychal to elucidate and uphold the tradition. Mychal’s passion, knowledge, and experience illuminate every page of this eminently practical and authoritative guide.

— Anthony Louis, author of Horary Astrology: Plain & Simple and Secrets of Predictive Astrology

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Horary Astrology & The Natal Promise offers a systematic approach to unlocking the mysteries of astral divination. Written for the practicing astrologer, this textbook gives a thorough grounding in the philosophy of divination as it applies to horary astrology, and is illustrated with over one hundred practical chart examples and richly detailed delineations. This provides an understanding of the underlying logic of horary interpretation, so that aspiring practitioners can take these teachings confidently into their client work.
Within these pages, you will learn how to answer multiple questions from a single horary chart, a practical approach to working with consultation charts, methods for integrating horary and natal astrology in a single consultation, and Mychal’s signature system of lucid dreaming and astrological dream interpretation. This book also re-establishes the connection between horary astrology and geomancy, a powerful system of divination that was practiced extensively throughout the ancient world. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned horary practitioner, you will learn techniques within Horary Astrology & the Natal Promise that will deeply enrich your astrological journey.