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Mastering Traditional Astrology: A Depth of Beginning in the Celestial Art


Paperback | 7 x 10 | 646 pages | Oraculos Press

Mastering Traditional Astrology may well be the most comprehensive book on traditional Western astrology ever written. Mychal’s work remediates his own observation ‘The dumbing down of astrology is a modern convention. ’If you aspire to become a skilled and genuine practitioner, then this book is for you! The rounded inclusiveness of material is a treat. The reader is guided through ancient mystical paradigms, history, astronomy, plus your traditional reading room techniques – all with the same crystalline precision. Truly, Mychal is one of those few geniuses born to each century who carries the flame of our Western astrological heritage forth through time and generations.”

– Judith Hill, President & Founder of The Academy for Astrological Medicine, author of Medical Astrology: A Guide to Planetary Pathology

Mastering Traditional Astrology takes you beyond the typical astrological cookbooks into the magical heart of astrology itself. Created in the classroom for the classroom, this book is a powerful aid for new students and teachers of astrology alike. Within these pages, you’ll find the distilled wisdom of six years’ worth of lectures given to hundreds of students, making this a pragmatic and useful textbook for the astrological novice.
This book was created to give beginners the necessary foundational skills to confidently practice traditional Western astrology. It also provides insight into the philosophy of astrology, enabling seasoned practitioners to deepen their understanding of this incredible mystical tradition. Mastering Traditional Astrology is the first volume in a series dedicated to providing beginner students a comprehensive education in becoming highly skilled and knowledgeable professional astrologers.

“Drawing from Hellenistic, Medieval, and Renaissance authors, Mychal A. Bryan presents a beautifully written and clearly explained treatise about the ongoing development of traditional astrology and its relevance to contemporary practice. Grounding his approach with chapters on cosmology and astronomy, he adds his own insightful and generous commentary throughout the text, explaining various ways to interpret the doctrines and apply them in chart examples. A brilliant first book.

– Demetra George, author of Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice, volumes 1 & 2

“At last, here is a text that truly gives an astrologer context and meaning to the art. Mychal’s vast knowledge of spiritual and cosmological systems creates a solid philosophical foundation to underpin his lucid technical explanations of every traditional concept. The result is the most extraordinary and comprehensive book of instruction in traditional astrology that has existed in modern times. Not only does it explain the reason behind each astrological method, it clarifies common misunderstandings, resolves confusions in ancients texts and corrects the errors time has wrought.

– Rod Suskin, author of Synastry: Understanding the Astrology of Relationships